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Book Review: ‘Fatal Betrayal’ by Bruce Forester

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Fatal Betrayal by Bruce Forester is a murder mystery that captured my attention really fast. Mort and Millie are highly recommended psychiatrists in New York. They have a Monday night therapy class for a group of eight patients who have anger issues or violent tendencies. The purpose of the group is to open up and regain the trust that each of the patients has lost.

One of the younger members of the group is found dead, the medical examiner is sure that it is from an allergic reaction that caused heart failure.  But when two others are found dead with seemingly similar cause, things start heating up. The local precinct and the FBI are nowFatal Betral involved and on the hunt for a murderer.

Millie is for sure that Mort is in danger, but Mort is in denial. He is sure that the deaths are just tragic coincidences. As the book goes on, lies are exposed and the trust that Mort and Millie had in their patients was now being challenged. Did everyone have secrets? How could all of that made it past them when they put the group together?

I could tell that Bruce had experience in therapy as I felt like all of the communication and the dialog was spot on as by a psychiatrist with their patients. Everything was well thought out, and the mystery was very intriguing. I happen to love mystery/thrillers, and this was surely a title that I will keep for a long time.

I am excited to see more from Bruce Forester in the future. The back book jacket says this title is the first in 14 of Mort and Millie murder mysteries. I cannot wait! Keep them coming! Fatal Betrayal is highly recommended!!

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