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Book Review: Fashion Futures by Bradley Quinn

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Fashion Futures by Bradley Quinn explores how technology is changing textiles and how clothes are worn and experienced through interviews from people in the industry and a wide array of photography.

The photos and cover design make it a great coffee table book but the insightful predictions and interviews with the most cutting edge designers, engineers and marketing executives working in the fashion industry also make this book a must-read for those interested in fashion.

Quinn is a British journalist who frequently contributes to trend forecasting guides. He has also written several books on fashion and design including Design Futures and Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge.

There are many predictions made in this book that at first seem millions of years away. There are technologies and innovations written about in Fashion Futures that the Jetsons didn’t even have.

But there on the pages in between the photographs is evidence that some of these materials are at the very least on the verge of being produced. Designers and engineers describe how they’ve started incorporating lights and digital technology into dresses and suits, and mood sensors that gauge how the wearer feels while wearing the outfit and adjust its colors accordingly.

Say good-bye to traditional designs, materials, and shops. The future is more digitally based and mobile than anyone may realize. Quinn suggests that designs and textiles will be, and are starting to be, created more through specialized computer programs. Permanent neighborhood boutiques and stores may shift to pop-up shops and websites.

Don’t worry about needing to try things on before you buy them; enter in your measurements and a digital mannequin will adjust to show you how garments will look on your body.

One of the most fascinating and intriguing innovations is the idea of self-generating fabric. This is a garment that would be contained in an aerosol can that you would spray at your body to get dressed in the morning.

Although there are many things in this book that are still in developmental stages – and which, if they make it out of the digital sketch books, may be worn only on the runway for years to come – there are others that have already been implemented.

Anti-wrinkle and stain-resistant fabrics are popular for wear-to-work pants and tops, and garments with thermal properties and the ability to wick away moisture when you’re working out in various temperatures are ideal for athletes and casual joggers alike.

Future Fashions will be available for purchase through Amazon by April 3.

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