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Book Review: Fake Christianity C.B. Matthews

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Does the state of American churches sicken you? It does me. I get sick of seeing people live, breathe and die in a church without ever really dancing with God. It hurts me to think that they are missing the entire point of our faith. They do all the rituals, but they have missed the life-changing passion of a relationship with Christ.

In the book Fake Christianity author C.B. Matthews discusses this very topic and gives practical advice on how each individual can make a difference. Matthews uses a direct, punch-ya-in-the-face approach which gives the book a raw passion that breaks through to reality. Although very convicting, this book is full of truth and spiritual correction.

Towards the beginning of the book he makes the point that most Christians care more about serving others than serving Christ. “Are you more concerned with watching your nightly television shows instead of spending time with God or doing work for Him?” Matthews asks. “Are you so wrapped up in life and everything that has to be done that you never have a family devotional with your family? Do you ever spend time in God’s word or in prayer to Him for more than just superficial reasons?”

If you are looking for a pleasant read that will make you feel good about your walk with Christ, you need to look elsewhere. Fake Christianity is challenging and penetrates to the heart. However, this is exactly what American Christians need. Matthews says nothing that is out of line with scripture, nor does he come across as judgmental or prideful. He is simply sharing the truth of the Bible with a generation of believers who have overlooked the tougher parts of the faith.

In seven chapters Matthews covers topics such as lies, emotions, actions, and spiritual warfare. He discusses the fundamentals of walking with Christ and challenges the reader to implement these practices in every day life. One of my favorite chapters included specific advice for youth, parents, and grandparents. I had never seen that done in a book before and I thought it was quite powerful, despite the fact that I fit none of these categories really.

C.B. Matthews is director of a small campus ministry in Colorado where he lives with his wife and three children. Matthews holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Family and Marriage Counseling. He also attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

For a convicting read that will sprout humility and growth, I recommend Fake Christianity. I feel that it is appropriate for believers of all ages and I will say that it is a fairly quick read.

You can order Fake Christianity online at WestBow Press or Amazon.com (links embedded.)

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