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Book Review: Fabric Remix: Repurpose & Redecorate by Sandy Stone

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In today’s economy, going out and buying all new craft supplies to create something amazing isn’t always possible. That doesn’t mean our love for crafting isn’t any less than before. It just means we need to be a little bit more creative when we get that creative urge.

Fabric Remix: Repurpose & Redecorate is the perfect craft book to turn to when you want to create something new from something you already own. This craft book contains a variety of different projects using simple sewing and easy upholstery techniques. You will start with something you already have or have thrifted like an old wool coat or a bag of old zippers and use the projects listed in this book to upcycle them into something new and amazing.

In the introduction, you will learn about the author and what inspired her to craft this way. She introduces you to her sources of inspiration, where to find the types of products she uses and her favorite raw materials. She urges people to start with treasures that can be found at places like estate sales, thrift stores and antique stores and turn them into something beautiful with a little creativity. She talks about the types of materials, notions, trims and paper goods she uses and also discusses care and cleaning techniques.

This book showcases some of her creations in each room of the house with a reference to the directions for each project which are listed at the end of the book. While you can follow each project exactly as written, you can use the photos as more of an inspiration if you aren’t able to find exactly the same items that she does. For example, the techniques listed to upcycle a bicycle basket with old measuring tapes can be used to upcycle any wire basket you have if a bicycle basket isn’t immediately available for your use.

The directions for each project are listed at the end of the book. There is a handy index to find each one easily. The directions themselves show a picture of the finished item along with a page reference so you can see how it fits into the decorating scheme of the room it belongs in. Each project has well written directions along with a list of needed supplies and diagrams. There are also helpful notes that give you suggestions or tips and tricks.

The last chapter of the book is a tips and techniques section that will introduce you to a basic tool kit you need to have in your craft room, along with special techniques like scarf painting, making a pillow flange and making a double folded hem.

Most of the projects in this book can be accomplished by anyone with basic sewing skills. There are a few projects that require a little bit more knowledge like making pleats. A few of the upholstery projects may require a bit more experience and tools you may or may not have like an industrial sewing machine and electric knife. However, many of most of the projects are easily created by beginners. My sewing skills are definitely fairly basic, and I found a number of projects I plan on making. I created the Vintage Scarf Pillow without a problem. This is a great resource for anyone interested in creating beautiful crafts or upcycling found treasures.

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