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Book Review: Everlasting Matrimony by Sheryl P. Kurland

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I don’t know about you, but I’d love for my marriage to last a lifetime. Growing old and having a companion to share it all with — good and bad — is a wonderful thought. However, anyone that has ever been married will tell you that marriage is hard work. And making a marriage last? Well, I think the 50% success rate in the US speaks for itself.

In her book, Everlasting Matrimony, Sheryl Kurland shares wisdom and advice from 75 couples married 50 years or more. The book contains stories from couples across the nation. These couples come from various faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities and provide a sampling from many different viewpoints.

The couples featured in the book were interviewed separately. I thought this was particularly interesting when I noticed quite a few couples who answered similarly – I guess maybe that’s why they’ve been married so long. One such couple is Leon and Irma Horowitz, whose answers are featured on pages 78 and 79. They both comment that what has made their marriage successful is working as a team in all they do.

Everlasting Matrimony is a beautiful coffee table book and yet is also useful. The practical advice given by the couples included is invaluable. I truly enjoyed this book. It made me laugh out loud in places and yet it also made me think more deeply about how certain things affect my marriage.

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