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Book Review: Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss

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Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life.  I agree.  Many know Neil Strauss from the best-seller lists.  He’s written fascinating, nitty-gritty books about sex, drugs, music, money.  But this time, he becomes the central character in his book, and you will not believe this story could be real.  It’s the ultimate reality gig.  

Although Strauss’s book is a book I can’t possibly apply to my life, I read every word, captivated by the exposure to a world I don’t know, and never knew existed.  The book is about Strauss’s personal journey to become a Survivalist; specifically, about the things he learned to do so that he could “feel” safe (and hopefully, win) in our hostile, terror-filled, economic-collapsing world. The release of this book couldn’t be at a better time – we “sheeple” need a Shepherd.  (Let’s be honest, we “sheep-people” must admit, we foolishly follow even those who eventually take us to slaughter).  You might wonder why I decided to review a book like this.  The funny thing is that I thought it was an economic survival guide, like advice about money.  Boy, did I get more than I bargained for.

This is a must read for you, Alpha Male.  Come to think of it, it’s for all you men who want to beat the system WTSHTF*, and gain much needed “cultural capital.” Should there ever be a time when we need MEN to lead, it won’t be the rich, the famous, the powerful, the CEOs of Wall Street. Instead it will be MEN like YOU, who read the book, and over months and years transform yourself into SURVIVALISTS.   If we’re lucky, you’ll even decide to become a compassionate survivalist, like Neil Strauss.

Every single chapter gives you something to aspire towards — a way to conquer… someone, something, someplace — to conquer the things that exist outside of your control.  Also, the book shows you the truth about yourself.  Strauss allows you to see his greatest challenge (which will probably be yours).  He was constantly challenged to conquer himself –  the life-long traits of complacency, self-indulgence, laziness and fear.  One by one, he had to conquer these things in order to make it to the next level.  The beauty of the story is that we struggle with Strauss.  We applaud his victories, and feel his transformation from wimp to warrior. 

Just as I believe there’s an enormous difference between male and female, I believe there is a significant difference between “chic-lit” and “dude-lit” (a term I’ve decided to coin).  I believe this book falls under “dude-lit” because as a woman, I have absolutely no interest in learning, or doing, any of the things Strauss teaches.  I want a MAN to do it.  Like Strauss’s girl, Katie, I’ll be happy to support my man and help out when necessary, but I’m absolutely horrified at the thought of doing it myself.

By the way, my definition of “dude-lit": a genre of literature that’s written and marketed to men, dealing with the primal thing – SURVIVAL.  In other words, it’s about winning, warring, slashing and conquering (justified of course and for a good cause).  Dude-lit begins with agonizing, testosterone-rich struggles, and ends with euphoric feelings of the kill, the win, immortality – SURVIVAL. 

Emergency will teach you how to survive.  Strauss gives you the lingo, the resources, the roadmap.  Just do it!  My suggestion is that you treat it like a workbook, taking it chapter by chapter.  You might even gather a group of MEN together – your own band of brothers.  

When you’re done, your transformation will be life-giving – a price-less, hard-earned gift of self-sufficiency.  It would be a gift not just for yourself, but for your loved ones, and if you so choose, for your community.

*WTSHTF – When the s*** hits the fan  

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