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Book Review: Embracing Your Freedom: A Personal Experience of God’s Heart for Justice by Susie Larson

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Susie Larson’s Embracing Your Freedom is a devotional that goes further and deeper than any other devotional for women that I’ve read. Written with a passion for living life in Christ in freedom and a heart for justice for the enslaved and abused, Larson deftly juxtaposes personal spiritual development with global social justice. Going far beyond the materialistic, give me more stuff, make my life comfortable devotionals that continue to pop up like toadstools in night soil, Larson gustily calls women to a life that matters.

Each of the four major sections begins with a true-life story of a woman in captivity, a woman who has escaped her bonds through the intervention of concerned believers and is now standing in freedom. Each of the 24 chapters begins with reflections upon striving towards liberty in our spiritual lives, believing in God’s work in us, and striving for more of Him.

Larson then deftly turns her pen to the correlations between our own search for freedom here in the west and the much more desperate struggle against physical slavery and imprisonment that is more wide spread than ever before. Each chapter closes with an empowering, faith-filled prayer for us and for those in captivity and an in-depth study session.

These study sessions are amongst the meatiest I’ve seen in any Christian title outside of full-blown Bible studies. Larson asks us to read through passages of scripture, engage in self-examination, write prayers, memorize scripture, and more. This isn’t a journey you can blaze through, and is one that you’ll likely return to more than once.

Deeply involved with the work of International Justice Mission (IJM), Larson bases much of her first-hand discoveries of justice-in-the-making and stories of newly found freedom from actual IJM cases. In fact, 50% of the author’s royalties are being donated to IJM to secure justice for those still awaiting rescue.

I highly recommend Embracing Your Freedom; powerfully written, inspiring, informative, and truly a blessing that points towards a life that’s more full of Christ than ourselves, this is one you shouldn’t miss out on.

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