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Book Review: Eat For Life: The Ultimate Weight-Loss Breakthrough by Harvey Diamond

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Do you want to be healthier and lose weight the natural way? Do you want to get off dieting and learn how to lose weight naturally by changing your lifestyle for the better?

Most of us are always on one form of diet or another. Yet, we are more obese than ever before, and even our kids are becoming increasingly obese every year. This is causing a lot of health problems for kids, such as the onset of early diabetes, heart disease, IBS, and much more. There is a way to curtail these health conditions, whether we’re young or old through proper diet and exercise.

For Harvey, we don’t have to make radical dietary changes or to starve ourselves to lose weight. We can make small changes in our diet to receive ultimate results. All we need to do is to make a few simple modifications in our food combinations and when we eat them to make huge positive changes to our diet. Harvey’s prescription to a better diet is as follows. We should eat more living food (such as fruit and veggies), eat fruit until noon, and separate proteins from starches when we eat as often as it is convenient. These are all easy habits to instil. All we have to do is to make small changes in our diets to enjoy our eating experience without dieting and still look and feel great. Now that a winning combination, if you ask me.

Harvey Diamond has over 40 years of experience with dieting and health. He is one of the most successful health authors. His first book Fit For Life sold over 13 million copies. It transformed our thinking of what constitutes healthy eating. Harvey is one of the longest survivors of peripheral neuropathy resulting from exposure to Agent Orange poison while he served in Vietnam. This is Harvey’s ninth book.

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