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Book Review: Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

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To say Duct Tape Marketing is a great book is an understatement. As an entrepreneur who has founded two small companies, I found author John Jantsch’s approach in getting customers to know, like and trust you more to be intuitive, yet very powerful. 

Jantsch got my undivided attention from the point he proposed having you first identify your ideal clients (as early as in page five) and asking you to fire about 20 percent of your past customers, if they no longer fit into the picture of your current business. Now that makes sense and it is so powerful: I could recall the occasions when I was spending time pursuing projects that were not a good fit for the goals of our company, but we still pursued them ("Hey! It's business!"). Since I read that section, I’ve felt more comfortable not pursuing distracting projects.

He then proceeds to walk you through the discovery and delivery of your marketing message in a way that speaks to the heart of those ideal customers you identified early on. The rest of the book is packed with tactics to get that message in front of your target audience and help them contact you and refer you.

These are easily the best 300 pages I have read since I became a small business.

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