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Book Review: Dreaming In Libro by Louise Bernikow

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Dreaming in Libro by Louise Bernikow is a love story involving the author and a dog. Bernikow is a writer living in New York City who never had the time nor a desire for a pet, but a random encounter with a dog in need changed everything. Once fiercely independent, tough and single, Louise undergoes a transformation. Together she and the dog learn about life, loyalty and compassion.

The author surprises herself with how much she comes to love the animal, and how for the first time in her life she could promise to always be there for another living thing. Her relationships with men never fared as well. But what she learns from her relationship with Libro is that she can love and commit herself to another. During their nine years together they survived illnesses and tragedies, which includes living in New York City in the days following 9/11.

Dreaming in Libro is written in a conversational tone; readers will feel as if they are sitting with the author as she tells them her story. The reader will laugh at some of Libro's antics and cry at some of the more dramatic events. Libro's past is a mystery but Bernikow noticed right away that he understood other languages, so there is a touch of Spanish peppered into the story.

As I began reading this book I wasn't sure I was going to like it. The author seemed cold towards animals and disliked others calling their pets “babies”. But it was heartwarming to read how in time this lovable dog nudged his way into Bernikow's heart, until she became a dog person. This is a book that animals lovers will enjoy but should be required reading for anyone who thinks dogs aren't real members of a family.

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