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Book Review: Dr. Rob’s Guide To Raising Fit Kids by Dr Robert C. Gotlin

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These days when it comes to raising healthy, active children, what parent can’t use some good, sound advice? Especially with the alarming trends of rising childhood obesity rates, lack of appropriate physical activities and poor eating habits, well-intentioned moms and dads need all the help they can get to provide the best options possible for their growing kids.

However, knowing who to trust and where to turn for answers can get tricky. Relying on a highly trained, well-qualified medical professional is key. Having one at your fingertips is another story…until now. Every adult who cares for and about children and teenagers should have a copy of Dr. Rob’s Guide To Raising Fit Kids.

Written by Dr. Robert S. Gotlin, this book incorporates his extensive knowledge, skills and experience as a doctor, coach and dad to inform, enlighten and guide parents and coaches of youth athletic teams. His credentials include the following: Dr. Gotlin is the Director of Orthopaedic and Sports Rehabilitation in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, focusing his practice on orthopaedic, sports and spine rehabilitation. He is the team physician for the Harlem Wizards basketball team and is a member of the medical team for women’s rugby, U.S. national team. On Saturday mornings, he hosts The Dr. Rob Says…Sports and Fitness Show on 1050 ESPN Radio. In addition, he coaches numerous children’s sports teams and is the medical liaison to several youth sports organizations as well as being the proud father of three children.

Dr. Rob’s Guide is written in an easy-to understand, friendly, conversational tone. Topics such as fitness guidelines for children, choosing appropriate sports and equipment for kids as they grow and mature, characteristics of successful coaches and supportive parents and dietary information are covered. The nutrition section was written by Toni Colarusso, M.S., a dietician in private practice. She devised creative, healthy meal and snack menu options — positive alternatives to the all too familiar junk and fast food choices so many families rely on.

Recipes for several mouthwatering dishes are included. I can’t wait to prepare The Baked Ziti with Spinach, Tomatoes and Smoked Mozzarella.

Another section of the book I find particularly helpful is on common sports injuries. Photographs with captions pointing out the affected areas clarify the material. Dr. Rob thoroughly explains each condition, what causes it, symptoms, treatment options and when to seek medical advice. As part of an athletic, active family, I know I’ll be referring to this chapter often. In addition, an extensive resource section provides websites for numerous health, fitness, sports and government agencies and organizations giving the reader access to more detailed information.

I highly recommend Dr. Rob’s Guide To Raising Fit Kids. This is a wonderful reference book filled with a wealth of advice, tips and information that is guaranteed to be consulted on a regular basis.

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