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Book Review: Don’t Give Up! Unexpected Answers to Marital Challenges by Gary Hoffman

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We live in difficult times for couples who are trying desperately to stay together and not divorce. The 50 percent divorce rate almost invites men to assume that it is okay to split up with their wives if they’re not compatible with each other or if they think they can’t get along with them any more. Many men also tend to have a short fuse as to what they will and won’t put up with when it comes to relationship tensions and difficulties.

There are many books that address women and what they should do if their marriages if they get on the rocks. However, Gary Hoffman’s Don’t Give Up!  Unexpected Answers to Marital Challenges is specifically devoted to men who are struggling in their relationships. He has first hand experience of what it is like to live in a marriage that is on the brink of separation. And he has therefore spent more than 20 years learning all that he can about how to handle marital crises by leading men’s support groups. This book is the culmination of all of his learning and education on this all-important subject.

Hoffman’s book starts by analyzing the current shaky state of his marriage and then he encourages men to sit down, listen, and hear their wives. This is especially important if he doesn’t agree with her. Until men honestly listen to the problem in their marriage from the wife’s point of view, they can’t move forward. In the process of listening empathically, husbands will be getting to know their wives better and they will be able to gain personal growth as a result. In order to do this, however, men must work through their negative emotions (such as their anger, frustrations, and resentments) in order to discover a more balanced and godly way of living.

Don’t Give Up! is a must read for all men who are struggling in their marriages, future husbands, or even men who are happily married. The book has so many valuable lessons for all men, regardless of their present roles.

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