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Book Review: Demon Hunt: A Caine Brothers Novel by Christine Ashworth

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In Demon Hunt by Christine Ashworth, Fae Warrior Serra crosses the Fae Passages to the earth portal. She is on a mission to find Gideon Caine and discover what is happening there. Apparently a portal has been opened to the Chaos Plane, allowing demons of all types to cross over to earth. It appears that a human, who is seeking domination of the planet, is involved. He doesn’t seem to realize that when you make a deal with a demon, you are not the one in charge.

When Serra arrives through the portal, she immediately comes in contact with Gregor Caine, Gideon’s son. Before they know what is going on, they are both thrust into a battle with a Hjurlt, which is one of the most dangerous kinds of demons. As they try to destroy this demon, they realize that each has some gifts. Not only is Serra a Fae Warrior, but she is also a healer. Gregor is a tribred with a variety of talents. He is part human, demon, and fae.

As there are more demon sightings and deaths, Gregor and Serra join together to try to discover where the portal is open, and also to destroy as many demons as possible. Finding out who is responsible for this travesty is their first step. To do win this battle, they enlist the help of Gregor’s brother Justin, a coven of witches, and werewolves. There are a lot of demons to be killed and time is running out.

While Gregor and Serra work together to solve this mystery, they also find themselves drawn to each other. As their bond to each other grows, they both become stronger and yet more vulnerable, because they are developing feelings for each other. The final decision on how to handle this will have to wait until the demons are vanquished.

Demon Hunt is the perfect blend of fantasy, adventure and romance. Having a variety of beings with special gifts working together to fight a common cause adds to the uniqueness of the story. I also enjoyed that Gregor and Serra weren’t the only couple trying to figure out their relationship. Gregor’s brother and a witch also need to figure out that they really should be together. Serra’s special talents also add to the adventure. As a warrior, she is a strong woman. As a fairy, she can’t always control what is going to happen to her. At times this adds humor, at other times it adds frustration.

Christine Ashworth totally impressed me with Demon Hunt. Readers will find themselves caught up in a great adventure and truly enjoy the extra perks of the erotic scenes that also take place amidst the drama. I highly recommend reading this story and look forward to more books by this author.

(Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views)

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