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Book Review: David Kilpatrick – L.A. Stalker

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L.A. Stalker by David Kilpatrick

Dora – Imagine yourself as prey for a hideous, unknown beast. Everyone around you – suspect. Just one or two friends to offer you comfort occasionally, but they, too, are being hunted.

Jerry – Imagine being able to reach into the deepest, darkest recesses of twisted, obsessed, fouled minds. Every deviant thought and deed, bleeding into your psyche as you probe further, trying to uncover the key to the hunter’s schedule. You’re the only one who can work your way into the depraved mind and you’re assigned to track down predators you can’t identify by sight. The prey isn’t trusting you to be her protector. How can you possibly defend her when you don’t know who the enemy is?

Sounds like the job from Hell, doesn’t it?

For Jerry Leger, it’s all in a day’s work. For Pandora Collins, it’s her life at stake.

L.A. Stalker is compelling and chilling. A true page-turner. David Kilpatrick strikes each chord with resounding clarity in this psychological thriller. Beyond some sort of CSI: Hollywood, his look into the world of celebrity stalkers and those hired to protect the glitterati, is spellbinding. Far more than a novel dedicated to the dangers of stardom, he takes you into the minds of the mad, the scarred, and the brutalized.

Start this book early in the morning and don’t stop reading until you’re done! Let’s just hope you can finish before the shadows set in…

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