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Book Review: Darkness, My Old Friend by Lisa Unger

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Darkness, My Old Friend takes us into the small town of The Hallows where everyone has a secret and a story. Lisa Unger is a master of intertwining various storylines into one main plot. You want to know so much more about the people of The Hallows, or do you? Sometimes the truth is better left alone.

I am a fan of Lisa Unger’s, but this book was not my favorite. Yes, I cared about the characters and wanted to know more, but that more was a long time coming. This book is a sequel to Fragile, which I have read but didn’t remember a lot of. I didn’t feel that enough retelling, if you will, was included in the story — and that, for me, caused confusion. I think I would have enjoyed the book better had I gone back and read Fragile again before starting this one.

That being said, the story was enjoyable, if slow to unfold. The plot takes place around Michael Holt, who questions why his mother ran off when she did; Jones Cooper, a retired policeman who is at a fork in his life; Paula Carr, who has to decide what to do about her controlling husband and boring life; Eloise Montgomery, a psychic who would rather not have the gift of seeing and my favorite; Willow, a teenage girl forced to move from big city life to the small strange town.

Darkness, My Old Friend is a trip inside the heads of these people. The story is told from all of their POV’s. I related the most to Willow. She is a typical 15 year-old with an active imagination and attitude. I enjoyed the interaction between her and her mother, Bethany. Not always nice but very real.

The book really takes off running about halfway through. Then it grabs you and makes you want to keep reading. I sort of guessed the mystery but was still surprised by events that led to solving it.

Darkness, My Old Friend will appeal to those readers who like to get into the heads of the characters with a mystery twist added in. You would do better to read Fragile first to truly enjoy this book.

To learn more about the author, visit her website, Lisa Unger.

(Photo courtesy of Tanya Sharkey.)

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  • Mark Bensette Aux Bois

    Thank you for the introduction to Lisas work. I am a big mystery fan , and now hope to have found a new auther to enjoy.