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Book Review: Darkness Falls by Kyle Mills

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Erin Neal’s world is thrown into depression and isolation since the death of his girlfriend Jenna Kalin, a dedicated environmentalist. Erin has been living within the secluded protection of the Arizona desert for the past few years, when he is visited by Homeland Security. The unscheduled meeting brings news of a suspicious bacterium that has stopped the production of vital oil wells in Saudi Arabia. Erin is an expert in the bioremediation field, which deals with the use of bacteria to clean up toxic spills.

After studying the bacteria, its ability to devour oil and destructiveness to drilling equipment, seem minor compared to its ability to spread. Soon it is discovered that this bacteria has been found in other oil wells in other regions of the world.

If efforts of containment fail, it will permeate through the world’s petroleum reserves and ultimately end the industrial world. As a result, the energy that provides heat, electricity, food, and all that is necessary for survival will be no longer exist.

However, the more Erin studies this world-changing sludge, the more he comes to the realization that he recognizes its traits. Questions of the past flood Erin’s mind, and "what ifs" plague his heart. Just as a familiar stranger re-enters his life, he not only becomes the target of a killer, but he has also been named as the terrorist who is responsible for the creation that has brought disaster upon the world.

Kyle Mills has the power to make the reader beg for more. He is created a genius thriller that has the potential of becoming a movie screen hit. Very few books keep me reading deep into the wee hours of the morning, but Darkness Falls accomplished this with ease. Mills has developed the word "thriller" to the utmost.

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About Takiela Bynum

  • Takiela thanks for the review on Darkness Falls. Darkness Falls is an interesting mix of fiction and eco thriller. The author Kyle Mills reminds me very much of Paul Mark Tags writing in his newest book “Prophecy”. Darkness Falls readers may enjoy Tags style of mixing science fiction and eco thriller as well as an interesting technological aspect that most authors would bore you with. But Tag makes the tech narratives very easy to understand.

    I hope Darkness Falls makes it as a film. Especially with all the recent script writing problems in Hollywood it may be some time before we see it coming to a theater near you.

  • The book certainly sounds intriguing. Thanks for bringing a new writer into my life. I’m always looking for writers with page-turning power.