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Book Review: Dante’s Journey by JC Marino

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As a critic you are supposed to be critical about a book you review, hence the name. Dante’s Journey by JC Marino is one of those books that makes the task rather hard.

It was enjoyable from start to finish and I can find little to criticize. My normal irks, about a book being too long and turgid, don’t apply. The characters are full of life and make you want to see them to the end.

Dante’s Journey reads as if were a script to a computer game, a clever computer game that actually poses questions and has a plot.

The novel flows as well as any visual treat, but allows, indeed encourages, interactivity as you ponder the nature of belief, faith and sin.

It’s an action novel that takes place in hell as we follow the main character, named Dante, as he seeks revenge on the killer of his family.

Along the way there are all sorts of the damned, from the farcical to the pathetic. There are hell’s enforcers nipping at his heels as he follows his quest, aided, most of the time, by a guide who never quite makes the case for trust.

There is really nothing wrong with this novel at all and its one of the best things I have had the pleasure of reading in a very long time. It deserves your attention.

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