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Book Review: Danger Sector (The Windjammer Mystery Series) by Jenifer LeClair

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The premise of Danger Sector by Jenifer LeClair is that main character Brie Beaumont accepts a job on the Maine Wind when needing to take a leave from her position from the Minneapolis Police department due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), caused by a fatal shot to her partner and an injury to her. During a break, the crew sails to Sentinel Island, just off the coast of Maine, to help with repairs to an old lighthouse inherited by the boat’s captain. It comes to Brie’s attention that a neighbor of Ben, the owner of the lighthouse, is missing.

Brie, due to her training as a homicide detective, goes into action to find if there was foul play. Circumstances lead her to suspecting that Ben’s friend Harold may have been murdered as well. As Brie uncovers clues she creates a list of suspects on the tight-lipped island community. The plot unravels motives and in the end, due to Brie’s intelligence and intuitive nature, she points to the murderers but not without putting herself into extreme danger and literally hanging on to her own life…a cliff hanger on its own.

Brilliantly written!! Jenifer LeClair’s word-smithing is top-notch and, personally, I have to say this is one of the best written murder mysteries I’ve read in a long time. LeClair “shows” the reader every scene, scenario, and circumstance through her brilliant use of written words. Her character development is perfect as she weaves each person into the story. There are many characters involved during the course of the plot but she is able to bring each one in so artistically that the reader immediately places him or her and remembers the characteristics and purpose in the story.

As well, LeClair not only concentrates on the whodunit aspect but brings in a little romance – one that tugs on the heartstrings of the reader wanting Brie, and John DeLuc, the boat’s captain, to take their affection for each other a step higher.

Danger Sector by Jenifer LeClair, the second book in “The Windjammer Mystery Series” is a stand-alone book but I’m sure once you read it, you will want to read the first book, Rigged for Murder. Both are non-stop action and will give the reader a page-turning, breath-holding read.

(Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views)

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