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Book Review: Crazy Love by Tara Janzen

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Secret Agent Dylan Hart is an operative for the Special Defense Force, an ultra-secret agency that works out of a garage in Colorado. Stocked with muscle cars, enough weapons and munitions to take over a country, and high-tech gizmos that would make James Bond salivate, the SDF goes anywhere and does anything to preserve the United States’ freedom.

All his career, Dylan has weighed and measured his chances of succeeding at an assignment, shading his choices and emerging mostly unscathed. However, on his last mission he was infected with a virus NG4 (Next Generation 4) that’s still in his system. Also in his system is a serious chemistry pull toward Skeeter Bang, also known affectionately as Baby Bang. She’s twenty years old, and ready to rock and roll in the world of spies and counterspies, agents and double agents. And she’s also ready to rock Dylan’s world.

Against Dylan’s better judgment, he agrees to let Baby Bang go along on his latest assignment: to steal a file in Washington, DC that’s going to put him in the cross hairs of an old and ruthless enemy.

Tara Janzen exploded onto the romance scene with her Crazy books. Crazy Love is the fifth in a six-book series about the SDF bad boys and the women who love them, but the novels don’t have to be read in order to enjoy them. Thankfully, the publisher has extended the series, but they’ll now have Loose in the title starting in October.

The writing is absolutely great. Readers will be pulled along by the punchy action scenes and quick bursts of dialog. Baby Bang’s character is fully realized and played fairly with. She isn’t a street urchin who becomes sophisticated along the way: she remains true to her roots.

Dylan Hart also comes across as real, forced by an attraction so out of control that the normally very-much-in-control superspy is thrown into a tailspin. The other SDF agents are a welcome addition and move the story along nicely, giving a larger feel for the world that Janzen has created.

This is one of those books readers can take to the beach this summer and while away an afternoon with, breathlessly turning pages filled with hot cars, blazing gun action and pulse-pounding romantic interludes.

The only drawback comes in the latter half of the book. Janzen uses her secondary characters efficiently in the first half of the novel, but they almost become intrusive in the second half. However, since those characters take center stage in the next novel, it works out well.

Crazy Love is one of those quick-paced reads that fans of Gena Showalter and Nora Roberts will love. The characters are over-the-top, but real in a way that matters. Normal people wouldn’t do the things SDF does, but it’s nice to know that even supermen and superwomen struggle with attraction and love. The novel is a thrilling blast of suspense and action.

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  • I bought some of these at a used bookstore the other day. I remembered that you said they were good. I’m looking forward to reading them! Thanks for the review Mel 🙂