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Book Review: Cowlick! by Christin Ditchfield

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Cowlick! is a completely charming and beautiful book. The rhyming is rhythmic and funny as well as playful. I loved the feel of it when it was read aloud. The story is about two little boys who fall asleep with smoothly combed hair and wake with wild cowlicks.

As author Christin Ditchfield so delightfully puts it, "To the bedside she comes sneaking / Lifting covers, gently peeking / Sees a face so soft and sweet / Framed with hair so smooth and neat…"

The explanation is that a cow sneaks into the room at night giving slurpy, wet kisses that sweep the hair up into an unmanageable tangle. It’s a great, silly story and a pretty good explanation for what happens to hair in the night. My granddaughter laughed and laughed.

The illustrations are beautiful, textured and fun. The colors are bold, and the cow is adorable on the pages as she comes sneaking, skulking in the night.

The packaging to the book is great as well with a textured big slurp going right across the cover. Cowlick! is sure to become a favorite both for the fun silliness of it, the bouncy rhyme and gorgeous illustrations.

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