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Book Review: Courting Her by Gregory Allen

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Domestic femdom is a kink in which sex, humiliation and corporal punishment are incorporated in an otherwise conventional relationship between a man and a woman to the advantage of the woman. It can range from occasional light play scenarios to hardcore lifestyles and sundry variations in-between. Doubtless psychologists have theories about its origin and the motivations of the tops and bottoms that engage in such activities, but one thing is certain, it is here to stay and increasing in popularity.

Gregory Allen’s relatively short novel, Courting Her, chronicles a femdom romance that falls somewhere in the middle-to-high range of intensity. In this story the man does not have a history of gravitating to this type of relationship nor is he seeking one out when he becomes smitten with his mistress. Although Alex is a fairly masculine kind of guy, he is not particularly assertive with the ladies, mainly because he hasn’t had to be. Generally the women he has hooked up with have come on to him.

While out trolling for some action on the campus of his alma mater, Alex espies Kimberly in the midst of preparing for exams, and for the first time ever he feels the need to take the initiative and approach a woman. Certainly he was not expecting her to be a controlling feminist, but he is strangely drawn to her nonetheless. Apparently his latent submissive nature responds to her subtle dominant persona.

As the relationship progresses from Kimberly’s insistence on receiving oral sex but denying Alex any reciprocal intimacy, including kissing, to the introduction of a bare butt spanking for a minor faux pas, Alex increasingly succumbs to her dominance. Slowly Kimberly escalates her control over him through humiliation, harsher punishments and long-term orgasm denial. Whereas non-enthusiasts may struggle to understand the appeal of these developments, they are the bread-and-butter of femdom fantasies. And in this case there is also a happily ever after ending capable of touching the heart of reluctant romantics.

The author does a good job of portraying the main characters as fairly normal, rather than twisted kinky freaks. Even the more intense corporal punishment scenes are written so as to not overwhelm readers with gentler sensibilities. This book is accessible to longtime femdom aficionados and newbies alike.

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About Jim Lyon

Jim Lyon began writing erotica in the mid 1990s and served as story editor for the now-defunct Ownme.com before his first femdom-themed erotic novellas, Uncharted Territory and The Accidental Domme, were published as e-books by Sizzler Editions. Jim is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He left high school in his senior year to live the bohemian life in New York City's Greenwich Village and Lower East Side. Not being a big fan of cold weather and crowded tenements, Jim returned to the West Coast within six months and lived in Berkeley during the tumultuous mid to late 1960s and early 1970s. While there, his claims to fame include being folksinger Malvina Reynolds' neighbor/tenant and part owner of the Northside Theater, a repertory cinema of considerable renown. After leaving Berkeley, Jim put himself through college and earned a B.A. in Journalism from USC. His eclectic career since then has encompassed editing, writing, business management, social work, teaching, and web publishing, with stops in northern and southern California, Hawaii, Florida and Oregon.