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Book Review: Confessions of a Corporate Slut by Jacqueline Gum

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How difficult is it to traverse the corporate world? Author Jacqueline Gum knows first hand. In her debut novel, Confessions of a Corporate Slut, we experience the arduous journey of Roberta, a scrappy chick from a broken family who is forced to become self-sufficient at an early age. Prospects for a prosperous future seem grim until she lands a job selling restaurant equipment.

Being one of the few women in the industry is hardly a hamper on her natural charisma, so instead of folding to the male dominated culture, she uses her femininity as a sales tool. Roberta ignores the whining dictates of college stricken feminists, and instead of demanding equal pay, she beats her male counterparts on the race up the corporate ladder.

While the climb itself is impressive and educational, it’s the detour that starts the real story. Roberta meets a young man named John Wendell, who has inherited a large sum of money and decided to pour it into the family business. Wendell Industries fast becomes the purpose of his life, while Roberta becomes the love of his life. Herein lies the dilemma.

Roberta wants to be in love. She wants to be a loving wife and mother of his children, but John wants something more. In times of corporate crisis, he seeks her counsel. In times of intimacy, he pushes her aside. Roberta tries to be everything he could possibly need, but it’s never enough. As the years pass his insecurities are used against her like weapons, attacking her self-esteem and confidence.

She cows to his every demand, accepting expensive gifts and events as consolation prizes, but none of it can make up for the cruelties he submits her to. She knows someday soon a bitter divorce is inevitable, but a deep sense of denial keeps her from standing in natural defiance as this merciless juggernaut comes barreling down on top of her.

Confessions of a Corporate Slut is a brilliant re-telling of a successful corporate woman who smashed glass ceilings at every turn, only to give it all up for the man she loved. Based on real life events, this novel reads like a biography and is brimming with deeply emotional content. The author might have paved a pathway to the top, but it was through her painful mistakes that she will help so many to grasp what she herself was unable to attain.

As America’s business world is steadily flooding with ambitious women, Jacqueline’s lessons will no doubt multiply in value. This is a must read for any young vixen who is considering a corporate career and a great book for those who have loved and lost in our age of greed and power.

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About Alex Hutchinson

  • Based on your description, I wouldn’t recommend this book to any woman. Giving up a successful career for some man? Hell no! My mothers and grandmothers fought long and hard to make sure I could have a successful career, and it’s a pity that this author has chosen to disrespect them in this way.

  • Judy Rickard

    Women in their 20s may not understand the yearning for family and belonging that those in their thirties experience. It sounds as though Roberta, a talented and clever career woman just changed careers. Instead of her own business, she chose to be an asset to the well being of the family business and a helpmate to her husband as well. Isn’t that what our mothers and grandmothers wanted: to have it all? The problem is not that she chose to help the family business by offering support and expertise, but that she chose to marry a selfish and manipulative man. What an interesting conversation. It’s a must read!

  • Chris Wright

    I have read Confessions of a Corporate Slut and loved it. It talks about the intellectual property that Roberta brought to her marraige and shared with her husband and his business. She went into the marraige because she was in love but never dreaming that she might loose herself in the process. I think it is a word of caution to women young and old. It is beautifully written.

  • FOR Anna, I respect your opinion and the book seeks to begin a dialogue about that very topic and why women, still today, finds themselves in the same postion. Who could look at Silva Spitzer and not feel for the sacrifices she made giving up her successful law career to enhance her husband’s positon. She made THAT her career and she did a stellar job. Yet in spite of her efforts, his demise is likely. Like Roberta, the protagonist in “Confessions of a Corporate Slut”, she will likely own her part in that as well. It is my hope that women in their twenties can take something positive away from the book – remember who you are.


    I just loved the book…I felt like I made a friend in Roberta…She is a very strong women and I respected her so much. My heart broke and mended again at the end when she picked up the pieces and made a life for herself. This book is a winner for all women in the work force. Also good for men as well, lessons to be learned. Great Book! Carin Puglisi

  • Helene G

    I cried when I read this book!!!! I completely related to Roberta. I too gave up my career for the man I loved. Turned out I married a jerk who did not appreciate my contributions to our marriage, divorced me when he met someone else and fought me for every penny. This could have been my story. It’s not easy for women – we have to balance love and career. We can’t win!!! Thanks for writing this book

  • Tess Bruno

    I don’t understnd how Roberta, supposedly a very smart & savvy gal, was blinded by the many ‘red flags’ about her husband! I mean, she was either in denial or inwardly made a pact with the devil: live a wealthy/easy life and just pay the price in the end. Frankly I can’t stand how she’s portrayed as “strong” woman yet in reality she represents weakness. Not a role model for me, that’s for sure

  • Dolores Juergens

    This book is a wonderful read. A person, of success, can get caught up in this money trap.The trappings of wealth and love lure a successful emotional person into the web of destruction.
    The book is not easy to put down. I highly recommend it.

  • Jane Burgess

    I thought the reviewer’s comments were ‘right on’.

    It is difficult for the older generation of women to grasp the reality of the scenarios in this book; I found the rapid ascent of Roberta in the corporate world astounding, but I felt the character of Roberta was very believable.

    Those who criticize Roberta’s acceptance of John’s many faults should re-read P.90: “John became my mission and I was convinced that this was God’s plan for me.” Roberta was always a fixer!