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Book Review: Comics — Knights 4 #1

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Knights 4 strays away from the traditional Fantastic Four action, and gives the team something new to handle, which is getting a job. That’s right, the Fantastic Four are having money issues, and they are forced to file bankruptcy and all find day jobs to keep the Baxter Building.

Starting off with little Franklin Richard’s eighth birthday, the comic gives you light humor and great illustrations by Steve McNiven, Mark Morales, and Morry Hollowell. The Thing interrupts the birthday party to tell Reed Richards that Jed Schultz, the Fantastic Four’s money manager, has something important to tell them. Jed makes his announcement and we find out that the entire Fantastic Four has no more cash to spend.

After hearing the news, the entire team goes job-hunting. We see Reed, Ben, Sue, and Johnny, all go out and realize how they could help out in the community while making their money. We also see that Johnny and Ben make a bet on who could get a job faster, which feels true to the Fantastic Four comic, because of the two heroes being famous for fighting with each other during hard times.

McNiven, Morales and Hollowell make a perfect team of artists together. Each page was nothing less of spectacular. The rocky design of The Thing was extremely detailed and dark, while the outside environment was deeply bright and sunny. The coloring and the environment on each page were nothing short of fantastic. The cover is also very well done, and is one of my favorites as far as Fantastic Four comics go.

There is no villain in this comic, but there is high tension. I loved the fact that there was no need for a villain to create intense drama, and how the colors created such a great effect in the comic. With beautiful artwork, and the beginning of a gripping storyline, this Marvel Knights comic gets a very high recommendation from me.

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    THis was soooooo good!!! I couldn’t put it down at all!!! I stayed up all night long reading for endless hours from this comic book. You should of seen the bags under my eyes! Ha HA ha Ha! THis is seriously the best thing that ever happened in my life!!!!!!! WOW! WOW! soooo sooo good!!!!!! I can’t wait to read more, even though i use to hate reading! I LUV IT DEARLY!!!

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