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Book Review: Coincidence by David Ambrose

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Dear Mr. Ambrose, what the hell was that?

I overcame the feelings of reading what you wrote like I was watching Duplicity and The Matrix, and, man, I have to say, I was gellin' with your verbal flavor until then, but like I said, I overcame and kept up the fight to push through to this scientific theory that you were trying to purport… but, then, you made it all a simulation. That's like watching an entire movie and then having it revealed that it was all just a dream. It makes the viewer feel like they just wasted a couple of hours; it's overplayed and disappointing. And then, in the end it's just all hunky-dory? I'm gonna take this fate because I don't care, because none of it's real and I want my wife to be happy even though she cheated on me… man, if you woulda told me that's where the book was going from the beginning, then I woulda taken it off of my list and spent a few hours elsewhere. Unfortunately, accepting their fate is the way most people live their lives: reactive, led by some invisible hand, puppets in some silly game trying to get to someplace else when, in reality, we should enjoy the now, do good in the now, live in the now.

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  • gotcha. will not conform to the coincidence. glad you read this and not me.