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Book Review: Clubs Are Trumps: The Road From Plum Run by Kregg P. J. Jorgenson

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I thought it was just another Civil War story, but it proved to be much more than that. Clubs Are Trumps is a very interesting story about a group of young men who leave their families, the comforts of their normal home life and everything they know to join the Union Army during the Civil War. While struggling to survive the war, they are subject to the horrors of the killing and maiming going on around them. They see the terrible consequences that others suffer while fighting for their own lives.

Kregg does a very good job with Clubs Are Trumps in the way that he clearly and systematically develops the characters to where they are easily recognizable and you really get to know them. The book is written as the characters actually speak and that adds a more personal touch to the whole novel. As the band made it through the hell of Gettysburg to the streets of New York, the author keeps the book historically correct and brings you right into the action.

All 282 pages of this interesting war novel are exciting and keep the readers attention from one page to the next. It is an adult book that due to the descriptive nature of some passages is not fit for the younger generation. The reader will notice that the author did considerable research to make the book as historically accurate as possible. Places and dates were mentioned that proved to be correct and not fictitious even though the book itself is fiction. Clubs Are Trumps has good cover art; fine print and paper quality, which helped, give it a big B in my rating. It is a very well-written book that deserves a look from any Civil War or history buff or if you just like a good story.

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