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Book Review: Chrysalis: Trepidation (Book 3, Chrysalis Series) by M. L. Lacy

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In Chrysalis: Trepidation, by M. L. Lacy, the story of Bree continues. Bree’s story begins in Chrysalis: The Awakening, where she first becomes aware of her destiny. She learns she is not a mere mortal; she is a Chosen One. Being the last of her people, she will also be the most powerful of them when she finally completes her transition. Chrysalis: Tribulations, the second book in the series, continues with Bree’s story as she starts to come into her own. She also has to deal with people who are opposed to her and who want to take over the world.

Trepidation continues the saga. In addition to her chosen life mate Steven, Bree also has a group of men called her “Special Seven,” with whom she is involved. In this tale, she realizes who the fifth male of her seven is. She has definitely become much more comfortable in assuming her role over these men. Initially, the idea of more than one love seemed strange to her, but now she not only accepts it, but she totally enjoys it.

In this third novel, Bree’s powers have multiplied, even though she hasn’t completed her change yet. She has her allies teach her how to use them. She knows that in the battle against her foes, especially the witch Esmeralda, she will need to be fully in control. The enemies of her people and of humans have learned to bring back dragons by joining demons with people. The more magical power that the person has, the more powerful a dragon they will be.

The war with dragons begins. Bree desperately wants to defeat them as quickly as possible but during this time she also has to try to avoid being kidnapped and destroyed by her enemies. Her presence as the last of the Chosen is very threatening to them and their goals. She will be much more of an adversary when she completes her change; however, there isn’t enough time for them to wait. So the battle continues.

I love this series! M.L. Lacy truly has a gift for creating wonderful, complex characters that make you feel like you personally know them. As you continue to read on in her series, you will feel like you are visiting old friends. She also does a fantastic job of making the “bad guys” really bad, and truly unlikeable. The heroine also has to handle people who want to use her to serve themselves. Even if they aren’t truly bad people, they want to use her to elevate their family’s social status. Watching Bree try to evade these overtures is entertaining. She also has enough to handle with the men in her life.

Readers who enjoy paranormal stories with vampires and werewolves will love this series. If I was just starting out, I would get all of the books so I could read them continuously! The sensuality betweens the characters also resonates through the pages, so you might find your face burning as you get to enjoy watching Bree’s men fully appreciate her! Chrysalis:Trepidation by M. L. Lacy is a great read.

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