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Book Review: But Why Can’t I? by Sue Graves

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I have the privilege of reviewing Our Emotions and Behavior, a new picture book series from Free Spirit Publishing, which help young children recognize and understand their feelings, their actions, and how they are connected. There are four titles in the series: But Why Can’t I?, I’m Not Happy, Not Fair, Won’t Share, and Who Feels Scared? 

Filled with cute illustrations, But Why Can’t I? is about two children (Noah and Rosie) being left under the care of a babysitter named Jenny for the day. I like that the author included the example following the rules such as what to do when you cross the road and when you are playing games.

However, I find it hard to relate to the example given by the babysitter to Noah (when he refuses to go to bed) which is the consequence she has to go through if she is not following rules while at work, as I feel that children Ben’s age (he’s 29 months now) will not be able to understand that (he does understand the concept of working)

I do, however, appreciate the additional two pages of picture story in But Why Can’t I? about a girl dropping her can of drink on the path, as I get to use the example to further teach Ben about the rules — not to litter and to be considerate and apologise for your mistake.

In my opinion, “Our Emotions and Behavior” series are a good choice for parents to use with their children because of the positive message they bring!

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