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Book Review: Busting Loose from the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld

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Busting Loose from The Money Game is an easy read. However, the book requires an open and inquisitive mind to accept the possibilities presented by Robert Scheinfeld. It introduces new terminology that require some thought — infinite being, phase one and phase two, illusions, the money game, the human game, and hologram. Many of the ideas in this book are quite radical. The main supposition is that from birth we create a limited life that is based on lies. Much of this material is based on the latest discoveries in the field of quantum physics — when you break down everything that a microscope can see, there is nothing, just a field of energy, implying that nothing is real and that there is some kind of force that creates whatever we see, including people.

If there is nothing at the base of everything, then we live in an illusion — a hologram that is created by a human mind (phase one of the human game). The phase two is living in the truth and creating whatever you want — money, love, happiness, stuff.

Sheinfeld offers a set of tools called the Process that facilitates an awareness and brings a shift in paradigm regarding reality and consciousness. It gives you an understanding on how you play the money and the human game, how you perceive everything as reality and truth when it actually is just an illusion created by you to limit yourself.

Nothing is real except our inner spirit, according to Scheinfeld, which he calls Expanded Self. Expanded Self creates our persona and everything we encounter, using the power of our emotions to determine what to create. By reclaiming our spiritual power that is tied up in financial happenings and institutions, such as banks, stocks,credit cards, mortgages, debts, bills and etc., one can bust loose from the money game and live a life of abundance.

The true self has unlimited power that remains hidden until we decide to reclaim that power. This usually happens when we start realizing that some things just don’t make sense, and we develop the feeling somewhere deep inside that something is wrong, that there is more to life than what we know. As we are able to reclaim our lost power, we move into phase two. That is the busting loose point. This is a place of unlimited living and abundance.

Scheinfeld gives the reader several personal examples of how the process of moving from phase one to phase two works. He presents a detailed description of what can be expected when one moves from phase one living into phase two abundance. He talks a lot about money and the perceptions of it in our lives. The difference in how we view money in phase one verses in phase two is astounding. Money becomes something completely unique when discerned from a phase two understanding.

You don’t have to fully “get” and integrate the new paradigm before you can get started on doing something practical to free yourself of your money programming. At least you will gain a sense of liberation while reading the book, even if you can’t accept the statement that whatever you know to be true (your reality) is an illusion created by you. It does show you the way to gain freedom from all kinds of “shoulds” and “oughts” around money (and around life in general). What if it really was okay to simply “play” our way through life, with full permission to create the life we want?

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  • truth hurts

    I purchased the book on amazon based on the reviews. When I received the book I read it in 4 days. I was disappointed. It appeared that the free reviews were more interesting than the actual book. I mean I was really disappointed. I found it to be a watered down version of what is already out there. I do give the guy credit for good marketing. I think he paid people to post reviews.
    The free pdf version of the master key system offers more information and based on the flow of the material you will see results if you follow it. Also another good book if you believe in the power of manifestation is The Code by Tony Burroughs. You can see some of Tony’s interviews on you tube.

    • DB

      Watered down?

      You didn’t read the book.

  • AnonEmouse

    I agree with ‘Truth hurts’ — your blog review of the book is just lame enough I wouldn’t go out and buy that book. Try again and include CONTENT from the book. ie. actual exercises. Otherwise you are just taking up internet bandwidth without a purpose.