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Book Review: Building Buzz – How to Reach and Impress Your Target Audience by Marisa D’Vari

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Have you ever found yourself listening to a radio interview during your morning commute and thinking "I've written about this topic. Why aren't they interviewing me?" Have you ever wondered — seriously — how to get yourself booked as a guest on Oprah or The Today Show?

If so, you should read Building Buzz: How to Reach and Impress Your Target Audience by Marisa D'Vari. This book is a very practical how-to guide to generating publicity that will teach you how to get your name and your product in front of the audiences you need to reach in order to be successful.

Marisa D'Vari is a Manhattan-based writer and the founder of Deg.Com Communications. The author of five books, she has worked as a television producer and restaurant reviewer, and she is a member of the National Speakers Association.

Building Buzz was written for authors and business owners who do not have their own marketing and PR teams and are compelled to promote themselves. D'Vari focuses on helping them generate "free" publicity by getting themselves in front of the media, who are always looking for fresh stories and interesting people to put in front of the camera or microphone.

Each chapter focuses on a specific method for building buzz around whatever you have to promote. Marisa D'Vari"How to Develop Your News Hook and Become a Media Darling" provides dozens of tips to help you brainstorm story ideas that will demonstrate why you are relevant to a media outlet's target audience. "How to Get Interviewed by the Print Media" offers some must-follow advice on contacting editors and journalists and convincing them that you can give them the kind of news they're looking for. "How to Build Buzz With Public Speaking" shows you how to leverage your expertise into speaking engagements, and it provides practical ways to ensure that those speaking engagements turn audience members into customers.

Other chapters include "How to Media Train Yourself", "Creative Networking and Marketing Techniques to Build Buzz", and "How Writing a Book Can Build Buzz, Brand and Business".

This is a book that demystifies the challenge of creating awareness. Readers will find real solutions to their PR problems. Throughout Building Buzz, D'Vari highlights real people who she admires and who have used the techniques she describes. She offers comprehensive "Chapter Assignments" – step-by-step instructions that will help you work toward your objectives.

While D'Vari's writing is enthusiastic, concise, and always positive, nowhere in her book does she say that it will be easy to get yourself, your products, and your ideas in front of a large national audience. If you read Building Buzz and work diligently through D'Vari's chapter assignments, though, the chances are very good that you'll be well on your way.

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