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Book Review: Broken Wing by Judith James

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If you are looking for a scintillating read that will take your mind off of your troubles and provide an escape from the drudgeries of modern-day life, pick up a copy of Broken Wing. This historical romance novel, written by first-time author Judith James, will immediately grab your attention and keep you captivated till its very last page.

Drawing on her passion and experience as a clinical psychologist, world traveler, and history aficionado, James penned this intriguing tale about the sacrifices, trials, and tribulations two souls from completely different backgrounds endured in order to discover, experience, and ultimately keep the love they worked so hard to cultivate.

Filled with drama, suspense, adventure, betrayal, lust, and romance, Broken Wing unfolds the painstaking realities of the evolving relationship between Gabriel St. Croix and Sarah Munroe. Initially coming together in the most unlikely places under the most unusual circumstances, the two first met at a Paris, France brothel in the early 1800s. Needless to say their first encounter didn’t appear to show any promise of being a match made in heaven. Likewise, the reason they were brought together was highly unusual. Lady Sarah Munroe, a beautiful young widow, and her brother, Lord Ross Huntington, traveled from England to France to rescue and bring home their young brother, Jaime, who was missing for five years and discovered to be living at the brothel. After the family reunited, Jamie refused to go anywhere without his best friend, Gabriel St. Croix.

When Sarah and Ross were introduced to Gabe, they were surprised to discover that he was not a young lad like Jaime, but was instead an incredibly good-looking, highly sought-after adult male prostitute. Abandoned as a young child and brought to the brothel at a tender age to be trained as a skilled lover, Gabe lost his innocence and youth and became a cynical, hollow shell of a human being, trying to survive and stay alive in this hellish existence. Determined to protect Jaime from a similar fate, Gabriel took it upon himself to be his protector, mentor and guardian.

Deeply grateful that their younger brother was safe and well cared for, Ross and Sarah offered to take Gabriel home with them for a year to help Jaime transition back to a normal life. In exchange for his time and efforts, Gabriel was offered a handsome amount of money. He accepted.

What follows is the account of the unfolding liaison between Gabe and Sarah. As layer upon layer of this complicated couple’s blossoming relationship are slowly peeled back, the details of how they deal with his troubled past and choose to move forward as a result are exquisitely revealed.

Filled with many twists, turns, and surprise events along the way, Broken Wing exemplifies what true love is all about.

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