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Book Review: Broken Walls and Those Called to Rebuild Them by Kevin D. Kirkland

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Kevin D. Kirkland's Broken Walls is a story straight from the heart of a pastor. Drawing on the biblical account of Nehemiah, the call is made to each of us to "awaken, and strengthen what remains."

Beginning with a prayer written on the day of the school shooting at Virginia Tech, and continuing to the story of Orpha, a 12-year old orphaned girl in Kenya raped and abused by those who should have been protecting her, it is clear his heart is for the youth.

Apathy and prideful indifference is discussed much and blame is placed squarely where it belongs, on each of us who turn our eyes and indulge our own desires while our children pay the ultimate price.

Of great interest to me are the following statements regarding children (12-year olds) and what they are not doing…

* They are not producing pornography for the internet.
* They are not making PG-13 movies full of foul language, violence, and sex.
* They are not making or trafficking drugs into our country.
* They are not voting on legislation allowing same sex marriage and abortion.
* They are not producing MTV.
* They are not divorcing one another at record numbers.
* They are not working 60 hours a week neglecting themselves.
* They are not choosing to drag themselves to live with mom's new boyfriend.
* They are not dropping themselves off at the mall for hours unattended.
* They are not in charge of the schools they endure every day.
* They are not definitely not filling our pulpits with false gospel.
* …All of these things are being done by adults.

In response to why he keeps a "morbid and gory" photo on his mantle alongside beautiful photos of his family and friends, Kirkland states "Because it reminds me of the reality that is our world and on those days I am asleep at the wheel, it awakens me to the Truth. Then, I remember our desperate need of a Savior."

There were many times while reading Broken Walls I had to stop and repent of my own apathy to the children of this present time. I recommend this book highly for all leaders, teachers, parents, and/or even young people. The future is being shaped by our actions today and the "effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

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