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Book Review: Broken Spirit by Charles L. Fields

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Charles L. Fields is recognized for his unique style of writing. He draws on his own lifetime of experiences in world travel to develop the background material for these fictional adventures. This approach adds an appeal and realism to his current writing as evidences in the Charles Stone travel mystery novels. Broken Spirit is the third in this series and reintroduces some of the characters from the earlier books.

Fields uses a steady stream of light banter, colorful humor, subtle innuendo, and informational dialog to introduce and move the plot and to provide an in-depth look into the biographical background and character of the protagonist, Charles Stone. Stone is a Boston lawyer and sculptor.

Physically and mentally beat, after two harrowing assignments for the Franklin Life Insurance Company, Charles is ready for a much need vacation. He chooses Hawaii as his destination. Turmoil in the island paradise alters his plans and the designated time away from his office becomes a work vacation.

Religious differences, land ownership and tribe-versus-tribe issues all complicate the possibility of a peaceful resolution. Charles is called on to look into a radical group conspiring to use threats and violence to stir the native Islanders to secede Hawaii from statehood. The whole economy of Hawaii’s tourism, military efforts, and local businesses are in jeopardy. The Nation One secessionist movement is determined to make a statement. Stone becomes a catalyst in arbitration seeking resolution. As a result he is intimidated, cursed, and attacked.

I especially appreciated Fields’ careful use of detail to introduce Hawaiian folklore, tradition, and culture. His characters are easy to interact and identify with; as they are believable. Charles L. Fields is building a following of avid fans. Broken Spirit is destined to establish him as a trendsetter in the genre of the travel mystery action-adventure novel. Readers will be pleased to know another sequel is in the works.

Broken Spirit
Charles L. Fields
Outskirts Press (2011)
ISBN 9781432779030

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  • Ashley Orwitz

    Great review Richard! Nice to see Broken Spirits gettin’ a little love. One thing to note that I found a bit funny was the parallelism between his vacation destination and most of Americans 🙂