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Book Review: Breathing Blue: Giving My Life to Spirit and Spirit to My Life by Kathleen O’Dwyer

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Author Kathleen O’Dwyer actually did what most of us only fantasize about–dropping your normal life and leave it completely behind to run off and find yourself in a brand new place. For her, this place happens to be the stark wilderness of the Aravaipa Canyon in the Arizona desert. In Breathing Blue: Giving My Life to Spirit and Spirit to My Life we read about O’Dwyer shaking off a life of big city business, sharp suits, and high heels, and all of the ‘essential’ modern conveniences; she takes on skunks, wild pigs, breathtaking but untamed landscapes, flooded creeks, farmers markets, and even spirit guides for a two-year period.

Breathing Blue chronicles O’Dwyer’s touching journey of personal growth and self-realization. Filled with beautiful imagery and heartfelt emotion, she brings you along for the bumpy–yet rewarding–ride. Her words move you as she adjusts to her new surroundings and handles both triumphs and defeats while you wonder how much further she can actually stretch herself. At the end, she comes out of the experience with an empowering new sense of who she is and what her priorities are in life. As deep as the sky, she knows now how to ‘breathe blue.’

Breathing Blue is an autobiographical account of O’Dwyer’s life during this transitional period. Fans of autobiographies and biographies will enjoy her gentle, positive style, while those with a love of books set in Arizona will relish the exquisite landscape descriptions. The book is also an encouraging motivator for those looking to make positive changes in their lives, even if they themselves don’t take the same drastic step of leaving for distant locations.

Thje book does contain a large amount of punctuation errors–the editor seems to have an aversion to commas. However, spelling and grammar are both spot-on. The text flows well and you get a solid sense of progression with each chapter. This isn’t just someone’s recollections of life; there’s a clear point and Kathleen O’Dwyer takes you down that road to its destination. Breathing Blue gives you a whole new perspective on what is really important and how one woman made it her mission to get there, no matter what crossed her path (to include wild animals and floods!).

(Reviewed by Vicki Liston for Reader Views)

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