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Book Review: Brainrush II by Richard Bard

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The chaos that is the life of Jake Bronson continues apace in The Enemy of My Enemy. This novel, like the first one, reads like a science fiction movie/TV series we would all like to see. In other words, one that is not dumbed down so that everyone can keep track of what is going on.

Ultimately it is a battle between Jake and his friends/comrades in arms and Battista, an Islamist who hates America, and Jake specifically. The Islamist leader is trying to out-do 9/11 and he thinks Jake is his ticket to do just that.

Yes there is an undercurrent of an alien artifact and something neural that is in Jake’s head. But that is almost secondary to the Clancy-esque plot.

Some might quibble that the author throws way too much stuff into the mix in a very short time. It can be a bit Jerry Brookheimer-esque at times in the sheer amount of action. This is not a gentle-paced thriller by any means. Oh those who are claustrophobic might give it a miss because of the bits that place in a long cave.

That said, The Enemy of My Enemy is a very well-written book that flows naturally and at quite a good pace. It is an enjoyable ride and one hell of a read, which is all that really matters.

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