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Book Review: Booked Up! How To Write, Publish and Promote a Book to Grow Your Business by Stephanie Chandler

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As my regular readers may know from my review of Stephanie Chandler’s Leap! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business, I think that her approach to starting up, running, promoting, and making money from your own business is clear and useful. Chandler herself left the corporate hamster wheel in 2003 after passing out at a blackjack table in Las Vegas during a sales meeting, only to discover that she had an ulcer from the stress of her job. While she had the house, the cars, and the trappings of wealth, she was absolutely miserable.

I met Stephanie Chandler in 2004 when she contacted me to see if she could feature my business start up story in her book, The Business Start Up Checklist and Planning Guide. At that time she still owned a used book store in Sacramento, but was branching out into giving business advice on her information-packed website, BusinessInfoGuide.com. Fast forward a few years and she has sold the store, and written and published four more books under both traditional publishing, self publishing, and under her own Authority Publishing imprint.

What I always appreciate about Chandler is her honesty and humor. There is no bullshit here. She does not pretend that writing your book will be a breeze, but does offer steps to make it easier. Plus, like in her other books, she interviews business owners who have gained greater success since writing and publishing their books.

Booked Up! starts out with Chandler’s story and continues to the benefits of book publishing; the differences between traditional and self publishing; and the fastest ways to get your book written. It also covers how to market and promote your book using book reviews, article marketing, social media, and public speaking; a great rundown of the major social media sites and how to use them; and ends with a comprehensive resource list. Along the way Chandler backs up her points by offering interviews with well known niche entrepreneurs and authors such as attorney Alexis Martin Neely and tech pro Karl Palachuk.

I encourage any aspiring business owners and authors to connect with Stephanie Chandler, visit her information-packed websites, and read her books. They are well worth the time spent!

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  • Looking forward to reading this book as it sounds like Stephanie has a lot of candor. Truly, I think most authors just want to write, not that it’s easy to finish a book. But the marketing is so crucial, and social media really is fast becoming THE way – as traditional media is more closed to all but the best-selling authors.

  • She does have a lot of candor and explores what works and what doesn’t. And it’s not just about marketing your book, but also about how to then leverage that book to expand your business and personal profile. Good stuff!