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Book Review: Boiling Mad by Kate Zernike

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I have lost count of how many books I have read and reviewed on America’s Tea Party movement. Most of them come from a single specific perspective. Facts are left out if they disturb the narrative. The books only provided a skewed view of its short history.

Boiling Mad by Kate Zernike comes nearest at fully summarizing the movement so far. It even goes so far as to realize the entire thing didn’t start with the rant from Rick Santelli in February of 2009, but from a young lady in Seattle several months before. She realized that it was about time people of her mindset protested after witnessing the protests in Seattle against the WTO and its ilk. The few people who gathered in downtown Seattle led the way for every rally since then.

Along the way the book details some of the hard-working activists around the country who have have been at it since mid-February of 2009 and the conference call that kicked it off in earnest. Naturally some of the bumps along the road are detailed, as well as some of the problems the Tea Party movement has had with image along the way.

While no doubt this will not be the last of such books, it’s a fairly good wrap-up to date of the movement as it exists. Author Zernike avoids the prejudices that have let down such books on all sides of the argument(s). Her flowing style of writing means this is not your typical non-fiction political book.

It’s not just a pithy title, but a well-researched pacey testament to latest grassroots movement in the United States.

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  • denznet

    Honestly, i already read that book and its really a nice book, i recommend it to everyone.