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Book Review: Blink – The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

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This book has partially broken my longstanding philosophy of thinking long and hard before a decision is to be made. In Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell points out that the best decisions are made through the power of our sub-conscious minds.

The power of “Thin Slicing”, making swift judgments, is explained by the author in pointing out that we make decisions in the sub-conscious level, and to over-analyze things makes us less efficient. Popularly known as “gut instinct,” the power comprises an innate skill possessed by everybody that should be used, rather than delving into a situation and making a decision only after long deliberation.

Although the book should have focused on “blink”, the author touches on various topics that don’t seem related. One of his observations concerns leaders’ micromanaging. He argues that leaders who have their people report constantly encourage them to waste time preparing for better presentations to the superior, rather than focusing on delivering better output.

I have always hated meetings because they waste a lot of my time. My previous manager would call unplanned meetings every now and then, disrupting the continuity of my work – making me less effective and productive.

Technically, the book is a mixture of different concepts and theories. In some chapters, he tells of the brilliance of relying on blink while in other chapters he tells us how deadly this could be. Blink, while interesting and full of practical observations, lacks some credibility for being based on contrasting results from mathematical and chemical experiments and tests.

Regardless, I recommend this book. This is enjoyable reading material despite the author struggling to present one theory. He seems to tackle the theory at different levels, and with so many topics the author is more a jack of all trades.

Go get this book and have fun.

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