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Book Review: Birds Can Fly and So Can I by Noa Nimrodi, illustrated by Tamir Lichtenberg

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Have you ever wanted to do something so badly that your every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of it? Your every night crowded with dreams of it? This is exactly the situation Giraffe finds herself in. What does she want so much that it follows her both night and day? Giraffe wants just one thing; she wants to fly.

This small picture book is told in rhyme. After Giraffe sees birds soaring in the air, she, too, wants to fly. In her dreams, she does, and she takes all of her animal friends for rides into the sky. Even though she knows it’s just a dream, Giraffe is still happy with all of the support her friends give her when she wakes up from her impossible dream.

Though Noa Nimrodi’s rhyming occasionally feels forced, this fun, colorful book will appeal to children who like animals. I love the message and agree that no dream is too out of reach to pursue, so I found it a good lesson to encourage kids to follow their dreams. Even though Giraffe never does get to fly for real, her friends still support her and her flights of fancy. Part of the challenge of making a dream come true is chasing it unrelentingly, and if more people would only try to make their dreams reality, they would be surprised by how much they could accomplish.

Tamir Lichtenberg’s art is fanciful and fun, with whimsical animal designs and bright, bold colors. The illustrations fit the narrative very well. They are light-hearted. Giraffe and all of her friends are happy, and everyone is always sporting a smile. I felt good reading this book just because Giraffe and her playmates look so pleasant. There is even a sheet included to color and write down dreams and goals, so your child can follow Giraffe’s example.

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