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Book Review: Beyond Escape by Deborah Jensen

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Beyond Escape by Deborah Jensen is exactly that–what was thought to be a month-long escape from the North Carolina winter to South Texas ended up beyond expectations. Kim was looking forward to spending the month with her retired parents while the company she worked for took a break for the Christmas holidays. During this time she was going to reel back from a very recent divorce.

The only thing is, she met Camillo, a Latino 17 years younger than her. He owned the grounds maintenance company that serviced the retirement community Kim’s parents lived in. He came on to her and she reluctantly, due to the age difference, went out with him. The relationship grew very quickly, even though she resisted.

While contemplating her past during the flight to visit her parents, Kim reflected to a family friend and a one-time affair, Mark. These thoughts brought much anxiety to her so while she was visiting her parents she decided to investigate his death. Not knowing the circumstances she went to the local library and found Mark was involved in the Mexican drug cartel and smuggled drugs from Mexico into the United States. Although not positively identified, it was assumed Mark died in a car fire.

What happens next gives the reader the need to keep reading non-stop. Deborah Jensen’s writing is smooth and enticing. The conversations with the story flow and the reader feels like she is right here listening in. Jensen’s character development is imaginable and appropriately expanded.

I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond Escape. The story flowed without any hitches, therefore making it a well rounded chick-lit; a little romance, a little mystery, and a little adventure. Recommended!

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