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Book Review: Beyond Disease Care: When Your Treatments Fail to Cure You by Walt Stoll, MD and Kathleen M. Diehl

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I was very pleased to receive Beyond Disease Care to review because as I first flipped through the book to see what authors Walt Stoll, MD, and Kathleen M. Diehl were providing, I noticed a chapter on Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). This is a diagnosis that is often heard in the alternative health field but rarely, if ever, is noted in the traditional medical community. I was excited to learn more about this syndrome. I was also pleased to hear it is reversible.

But, there is more to LGS. If not in check, it can cause dysbiosis which in turn can be directly linked to parasitic infestation. Stoll and Diehl effectively give tools to cure and prevent each occurrence.

There is just so much to this book that is informative and thought-provoking. The authors cover allergies and hypersensitivities, recurring colds and flus (no, we don’t need flu shots,) ear infections, headaches, endocrine disorders, vascular disorders, brain chemistry disorders, arthritic disorders, cancer, acne and sebaceous cysts, fungal infection on feet, acid reflux, constipation, body and body odor. This is only in the third section; the fourth section covers wellness, while the fifth section covers holistic tools. There are appendixes and charts as well. This is one thorough book!

The authors are specific on how to use the book. They say “There are five sections in this book. Each chapter in the first two sections successively builds upon the information in the last, forming the basis for understanding the final three sections.” Unlike many other reference books, it’ important to start at the beginning and go right to the end with Beyond Disease Care.

Written in lay language, this book covers many of the aspects of diseases that many others don’t. Stoll, a medical doctor practicing holistic medicine, and Diehl, a spiritual coach and advocate of alternative health philosophies, provide a concise and informative compilation of explanations and suggestions for anyone interested in healing with alternative means to drugs. Beyond Disease Care would also make a remarkable resource for any alternative health practitioner. Highly recommended!

Beyond Disease Care: When Your Treatments Fail to Cure You…The Truth about How to Prevent and Reverse Today’s Most Common Chronic Conditions
Walt Stoll, MD and Kathleen M. Diehl
Sunrise Health Coach Publications (2011)
ISBN 9780965317146

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