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Book Review: Between the Cracks (eBook) by Kim McDougall

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Between the Cracks contains an odd assortment of short stories and poetry. While the author’s creations tend to “fall through the cracks” of being able to be labeled under a specific genre, many of them have a touch of fantasy in them. The fantasy ranges from folklore to horror. Within each story I also found themes involving humanity or inhumanity.

Author Kim McDougall does an excellent job of conveying the emotions of each character in her stories. Most of them also had a great deal of descriptions involving nature. I felt that this touch allowed me to “feel” what was happening. For example, when she describes cold winter weather, I felt like I was sitting right in the middle of it. When otherworldly creatures interact in natural settings, it also makes them seem more real.

Within the stories, I found touches of humor, fantasy, folklore and eroticism. Having such a variety present in one small book is a real treat. Each story or poem stands alone on its own and is not dependent upon the others. This enables you to either read it in one sitting, or if you are short on time, you can go back to it as your time allows. I would love to read other works by this author, including her young adult stories.

However, due to the adult themes in several of the stories, I suggest that this particular book be limited to adults. While I might not recommend this for a high school summer reading list, I highly recommend it for an adult reading group. The stories will be enjoyed as they are read and then enjoyed again as they are discussed. is a keeper!

(Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views)

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  • I have such respect for McDougall as an author. She’s versatile in approach, but all her writing sweeps a reader up in the story.

    Great review!

  • Thanks, Susan!

  • Kathryn Gress

    Miss Kim McDougall, I have personally been honored to spend time with her and read several of her great works of art in stories. Kim has descriptive way of language both verbally and her written stories. I always come away with the taste and desire to read more with Kim’s flare of writing those remarkable stories. KG

  • Helene

    Having read some of Kim’s work, I can say that she uses her vivid imagination to create new fantasy worlds that tantalize and intrigue readers and keep them turning the pages until the end.