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Book Review: Behold a Dark Mirror by Theophilus Axxe

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Behold a Dark Mirror by Theophilus Axxe introduces us to scientist Jenus Dorato. When he is blackmailed into secretly testing an alien soil sample, he has no clue how difficult his life is about to become. After testing the samples, he soon discovers that two groups are after this information. They will do anything to get it and to get him out of the way. After a devastating loss at the hands of one of the groups, he goes on the run. Going on the run during this time means using frameposts to teleport himself to other worlds.

At the same time, Nero, who is working alone on the planet Doka, receives a mysterious message indicating that a book has been found that needs to be hidden. Thinking that Doka is the best place to hide it, he agrees. When his friend Kebe shows up with the journal, and events start taking place, they agree that they have to take bigger steps to protect the information being presented. The journal is dangerous because it will reveal intelligence that will expose illegal actions being taken by Consolidated Shipping Enterprises (ConSEnt) that could potentially start a civil war.

While on Doka, Nero linked himself to a mysterious alien life form referred to as “Cheshires.” These creatures can disappear and reappear at will. When all three individuals end up on another planet, they discover that this place has similar creatures that might be responsible for a large number of deaths on this planet. As Jenus, Nero and Kebe fight to stay alive, they soon find their lives and mission linked. They also have to figure out whether these creatures which are referred to as “Ghosts,” will be their salvation or their destruction. Working together to try to expose ConSEnt and to stay alive, Nero discovers that his contact with the Cheshires have changed him forever.

Behold a Dark Mirror by Theophilus Axxe tells an intriguing story that totally held my fascination throughout the whole book. I found this story to be very unique and enjoyed being able to truly escape from my mundane world into this place of intrigue. The main characters each have something special to offer, and it was interesting to watch them evolve as they work together to expose an evil organization and to try to save the people of the planet, if not the universe. I highly recommend reading Behold a Dark Mirror for fans of science fiction and fantasy.

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