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Book Review: Becoming a Man of Power by Matt Guest

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According to Becoming a Man of Power, a man can be whatever being he allows himself to dream of. Guest states, “You are a shadow of your potential magnificence.” The outside physical world and all its people can yank the paradigm of what a man thinks of himself in a bazillion different directions if permitted. That does not have to happen. Being sensitive to oneself is the key. In order to become powerful, a man must have a stable, loving vision of the Source within.

This requires effort. It requires down time where a man sits alone and ponders what lies inside his deepest being. Eventually rock-like faith in his light body and feelings will lead to a new energized man who is firm, stable, self reliant, creative, able to face reality without becoming affected negatively by it.

Guest explains that the light body and physical body are one. It is the light body that gives man wings to carry him wherever he wants to go. The only limit to this freedom is self imposed, and with time and practice, a man’s distorted beliefs and those of others can be left behind.

Much of what holds a man back from reaching his goal is fear. When confronted by someone with a different opinion or belief system, quite often a man reacts with bravado, arguing his viewpoint, afraid to be put down. He’ll lose esteem (manliness) in the eyes of his challenger, those witnessing the scenario, and his own self image.

SourceSome men might choose to remain silent, afraid to incur disfavor, especially if that person is a boss or authority figure with greater influence. This is often true of romantic relationships. Fear of disapproval in the eyes of a loved one for fear of breaking off an affair, often leads a man to inner anger and frustration with himself because he remains silent.

A man who has reached a genuine sense of power might handle things differently. As if wearing a suit of armor, he would listen intently, but would have enough faith in his own light body armor to respond or not respond as he sees fit. Sometimes silence is golden. He has no fear of being hurt or getting back at someone because he no longer holds onto or craves anything. He can remain silent without hurt.

Guest talks of love and sexuality. He says “sexuality is unrealized spirituality.” In a relationship spirited by love, intercourse but not ejaculation can store sexual energy that is redistributed throughout the other seven body chakras. Ejaculation is meant to be the ultimate spurting forth of life force energy to procreate. Orgasm without this intention is “dribbling out” a man’s power over time until he finally weakens himself in death.

Copulation according to Becoming a Man of Power should consist of deep penile penetration with an equally loving and understanding woman and then utter quiet, non-movement between the pair as they embrace one another. They are enjoying the intercourse between two bodies. Power will course in both directions, strengthening their light and physical bodies.

Guest feels a couple that sits facing one another with legs comfortably entwined can enjoy true sexual pleasure without movement or orgasm. In this position, it is easy to sit comfortably still for a long period of time. When they eventually disconnect, neither man nor woman experiences the usual feeling of exhaustion and the desire for sleep. In fact, both have been overwhelmingly energized and look forward to their next coupling.

Becoming a Man of Power is an interesting read primarily because its philosophy is so different from other self-help books. It stresses the power that comes from stripping off all the feelings of wanting to be an esteemed person in the eyes of others, of attempting to live up to the expectations of others, of wanting to be a person different from the self.

Instead, it stresses that a man should accept his imperfections rather than expending the wasteful energy to hide them from himself and others. This will release vast quantities of power to the light body and the physical body.

For the most part, Becoming a Man of Power is saying: The power to soar comes to any man who has lost all fear from outside influences and is following his dream wherever it may lead. I would recommend the book to any person who wants to fly.

I would also check medical literature on deliberately not ejaculating after intense sexual arousal. There is some indication that this practice can lead to prostatitis. The Mayo Clinic recommends that regular sexual activity may help patients with this condition.

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