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Book Review: Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender

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Far from the cheesy and gory horror films of today, Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender presents a new type of horror story. For starters, unlike most scary stories, Bad Girls Don’t Die is muted. There is not a lot of violence or guys with chainsaws trying to kill people. Alender’s novel is more suspenseful and realistic than actual horror.

Bad Girls Don’t Die is the first novel in a trilogy. The story is about a young teenager named Alexis who is a total outcast at school. To make matters worse her parents’ marriage is drifting apart and her younger sister Kasey is starting to act strange. Weird things start to happen around Alexis’s house like ominous glowing lights appearing out of nowhere and her sister starts talking in a peculiar way and has a weird obsession with dolls.

Bad Girls Don’t Die is like many typical suspense stories in a way. For example, the story includes classic elements like a haunted house and creepy dolls. Yet, Alender takes a fresh spin on these elements and makes the novel relatable to teens today with her character choice and suspenseful plot lines.

The main character Alexis is relatable in many ways because her life is not perfect and she feels out of place at school. Furthermore, Alexis has to deal with her estranged dad, workaholic mother and the odd things happening to her sister. For a teenager in high school, Alexis has a ton of responsibility, which many teens today may be going through.

Alender also does a great job at creating a backstory for each of the main characters. What is interesting and unique about this novel is that some of the characters’ pasts intertwine in the most unlikely ways.

The plot of the story is suspenseful as well. Alender keeps readers on their toes as they turn each page with a mix of delight and sheer horror. There are so many twists and turns in this novel that readers will hold their breath with anticipation for what eerie event will happen next.

Bad Girls Don’t Die is a splendid novel to read on a rainy day. It’s nice to curl up with a snuggie with and read. This book is perfect for any teen to read even if they do not like horror stories. Big Girls Don’t Die is just mild enough for anyone who gets scared easily to read. However, the novel is just suspenseful enough to make readers jump in their seats as they read, but not scary enough to make them sleep with the lights on.

If you like reading Bad Girls Don’t Die, there is also a second novel in the series that you might try. The second novel is called From Bad To Cursed. The second novel includes the same characters from the first novel, but things go awry when Alexis’s younger sister Kasey joins a club called the Sunshine club.

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  • puppyfluffstuff

    Oh my goodness it is SO AWESOME!!! I just bought the book today and started it and I love it!!!!! I’m kinda nervous bout the TEEN part though. I’m only in elementary.Oh well… I have read the hunger games!I’m in the highest school stuff so ya.Bye and please no hate on my comment!

    • coconutzhou

      OMG IKR!!it is just AWESOME!! like literally word can’t even describe it! and o its ok to read about the teen parT:P its not that much just some normal chat between them and nothing ore than a kiss. DOn’t worry since you’ve read the hunger games already:P

  • Birdy

    This is an awesome book I started it today and I really love it too!!!!! The cover picture is pretty cool too. I love taking photos of random things like flies or garbage cans. I one day hope to become a photographer!

  • Birdy

    I just read the book for the second time! It was even better. I picked up on details that I didn’t pick up on the first time.