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Book Review: Audacious Creativity: 30 Ways to Liberate Your Soulful Creative Energy by Stephanie Gunning

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In Audacious Creativity: 30 Ways to Liberate Your Soulful Creative Energy — and How It Can Transform Your Life, author Stephanie Gunning has collected the thoughts of successful people who have grabbed hold of their lives and re-created them. They are their own heroes. This book evidences that in the lives of its 30 writers, allowing a pity-puss attitude is not permitted. The thread that stitches together the lives of these creative people is: You Are What You Want To Be! 

Early on in the book, we learn that “You and I are a process of continually unfolding events.” Yes, you might say, but events have not unfolded in my life the way they have for more successful people. Audacious Creativity maintains that therein lies the hue and the cry which created your life events.


If you interpret how you live as dull, stagnant, unhappy, worrisome, poverty-stricken, or just plain ordinary and/or wasted without futuristic dreams, you have scored an A+, 100% grade on the Stifling Creativity Test. Sadly, it is not outside events or people that cause your pathetic attitude. It is you — it is only you!

To change, you must awaken your creative voice. Looking into your inner self, you don’t have to search hard to find some vision you wish or wished for yourself. It may be an old deeply hidden idea you’ve paid little attention to because you felt incompetent. Those feelings: Unacceptable!

Suppose you enjoy watching TV cooking shows because you’d like to possess the same skills. You watch chefs create mouth watering wonders with foodstuffs and it all looks so simple. According to Audacious Creativity, yes, you should continue to view those programs, but it is time to create for yourself, too. 

Here is a suggestion. Start a cooking club in your own neighborhood. This will give you a chance to hone cooking skills while learning from others. You can use creativity to decorate your dining area in the spirit of the season, or according to your creative whim. The important thing is that you make up your mind and start. You can run your own show.

“We make it all up anyway … might as well make it up good,” says Audacious Creativity. The power of our words, the power of what we tell our minds about hidden talents, the power to love and be thankful just to be is what is directing our lives. Repeated positive stories told to your psyche will cause positives to happen because you believe they will and act accordingly.

But I’ve lost a loved one, I’m alone, I’ve lost my job, I’m not well — yes, these are devastating situations, but do they not happen to each and every one of us? If you’ve lost a loved one, body-slam your loneliness. Remember the loving times you had with that person and rather than wallow in sorrow, regain your love and wholesomeness by giving it away; volunteer where you can put forth love: at hospitals, in food kitchens, at children’s camps; do latchkey tutoring, take in a foster child.


But I have no job; I’m overwhelmed — Nonsense! It is time to readjust and create a winning attitude. If you were an expert in one area, hunt employment in another field. If you have to work at Wendy’s to make ends meet while retraining, there is nothing wrong with labor. Besides, with a soulful positive attitude and a winsome smile, you can make it your goal to create a cooperative, positive, memorable work experience for others.

Audacious Creativity asks you to approach life as an author would approach the massive task of starting a new novel.

— First, you accept yourself as a hero in your ordinary world. You’ve survived this far — not everyone has.

— Next, you specifically name the creative adventure you will start: “I want to be a mechanic.” You squarely face the negatives: “I might not make it, but I’ll try.”

— Then you seek guidance from a wise one: you talk to an advisor in a training program.

— You start your training with a lot of personal questions but you seek guidance.

— Finally, you pass your tests and win a diploma.

— Now you visit car dealerships and garages seeking employment with a positive resume and an uplifting attitude.

— When hired, you return to your ordinary world but you’ve changed your life. You are your own hero!


I enjoyed Audacious Creativity as much as I enjoyed writing this review. Reading the advice and tales of Stephanie Gunning’s notable professionals created in me the positive feelings I’ve put into words here. As a whole, I think I’ve synthesized the critical attributes of all their feelings. The book helped transform me; it will do the same for you.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking an explosive change to their present existence. Each chapter is fascinating and extremely easy to read. I even liked the font. What will amaze you is how often its authors, including Stephanie Gunning herself, restate the same themes but in different ways. The time to create a new life is now. Enjoy!

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  • Regis,

    I enjoyed reading your review. As one of the contributing authors to Audacious Creativity, I thank you.

    I really believe that creativity is everyone’s birthright and the more support and awareness for this idea, the more that people will know what a gift they could be to the world.