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Book Review: Arrival Of The Prince By James Rutledge

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If there was ever a book that would make a great movie, it's Arrival Of The Prince by James Rutledge. Set in modern times, Myla de Naci is a scientist who discovers that human DNA contains messages from God regarding what the bible refers to as “revelations.” At the same time archaeologist Robert Pearlmutter discovers in the Cave of the Red Serpent one of twelve ancient stone tablets containing codes that will tell when and where the anti-Christ will be born. At different times, they come to the realization that Lucifer, also known as Satan, is alive. Lucifer, known on earth as Yeshu ben Pandera, is alive and in control of the world's largest pharmaceutical company. He has a plan on to change human DNA from God's message to one of his own, using an immunization that is a cure for HIV/AIDS as a way of getting to millions of people at a time.

Working together with epigraphist Gideon Law, Myla tries to inform the public she has proof God is real and that the end of times could be near. Before they can deliver their message they are kidnapped by Yeshu and his people. During captivity their reputations are destroyed by religious leaders of the world, who are secretly working for Yeshu.

Gideon and Myla make a plan to escape, yet they are unaware the escape was made possible by Yeshu and his partner Dr. Wilson. Just hours before their escape, Dr. Wilson performs a procedure on Myla without her knowledge; she leaves believing Dr. Wilson is her friend. They escape to St. Mary's Church of Zion in Ethiopia, a church that contains the ark of the covenant. It is there Gideon and Myla give in to their growing attraction to each other.

It didn't take long for their location to leak to the public. In just hours thousands of people gather outside the church in protest. The leaders of the world religions have lied and said Gideon wants to rewrite the bible and has spoken against the world's primary religions. Many extremists gather outside the church wanting to kill those inside. Gideon has a bounty on his head worth millions of dollars.

Angelica, a journalist and Myla's friend, shows up to help them, and they are shocked by her true identity. A miraculous event involving Angelica and the ark of the covenant demonstrates to the world that Gideon and Myla are truthful and can be trusted. They are then able to get back to work studying the messages from the stone tablets and human DNA, trying to discover where and when to expect the anti-Christ. Just as the shocking answer is revealed, something unexpected happens to change the lives of all involved. For the whole story you will need to read the book, and trust me, you won't be able to put the book down until you have devoured every word.

If you only have time to read one book this year, make it Arrival Of The Prince by James Rutledge. He blends theology and science into a superior work of fiction.

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