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Book Review: Anger Mastery: Get Angry, Get Happy by Kevin B. Burk

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Are you angry and don’t know what to do about it? Do you stew and get stressed out because of something someone said or did days, month, or even years ago? If so, Anger Mastery is for you.

How many of you let others steal your energy? Our lives can be a constant struggle when we are always angry, and we find it difficult to control our rage. Kevin Burk shows the reader how to control this emotion with poise. After reading the book, the reader will have a sense of calm and peace that she never had before by following the three phases of Burk’s anger mastery program.

Phase I will help us to get out of victim consciousness. This is where a lot of us reside. It is the type of consciousness that tells us that everything is not enough. Victim consciousness is a terrible place to be in. This is where stress runs rampant, and we cannot possibly have any peace. To gain peace, we have to move to Phase 2 which helps we to feel safer and more in the moment. We will also learn what is our business is and what isn’t. Phase 3 will help us to discover where our consciousness currently is and how we can move past our Phase I anger to more peaceful realms of consciousness.

Anger Mastery is an eye-opening book that will make the reader laugh and cry. It is book that the reader won’t be able to put down either. I read it from beginning to end in one sitting, and then reread it again delving into the material deeper and giving it a lot of thought. It is a hand’s on book in many ways we should work through slowly chapter by chapter. Mastering anger is a process, not an event.

I loved Burk’s book from beginning to end. I am closer now than ever before to mastering my anger. Thanks so much Kevin Burke for such a great and informative book. I think it will truly change my life for the better because now I know how to use the energy of my anger much more productively.

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