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Book Review: Angels: Who They Are and How They Help – What the Bible Reveals by Dr. David Jeremiah

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If I were to recommend a single, entry level title for Christians to read clarifying the biblical role of angels in creation, Dr. David Jeremiah’s Angels: Who They Are and How They Help would be at the top of my list. This engaging and accessible teaching text turns to the one reliable source for information concerning angels – the revealed Word of the One who created them.

Originally written in the mid ‘90s in response to the waves of angel-mania sweeping North America, Jeremiah firmly roots his work in the scriptures, and in respected commentaries and the works of orthodox Christian thinkers and theologians. This 2009 reprinting is my first encounter with Jeremiah’s work and I’m pleasantly surprised finding it incredibly balanced doctrinally and faithful to the Bible.

For believers who struggle to scripturally answer questions of angels when raised by friends and family, or are confronted by classified ads for “Angel Tarot Card Classes”, Angels is essential reading. Even if there are just a few niggling questions that linger in the back of your mind concerning gaps in your understanding in the realm of angelology (the study of angels), Jeremiah will help you to root yourself in God’s Word so that you’ll no longer be swept away by the winds of confusion.

Eschewing any New Age influences, philosophies, and ungrounded speculation, Angels digs into a vast array of scriptural mentions of angels and proceeds to collect the truth found in the scriptures topically to answer the most oft-asked questions. Truthfully, Jeremiah succeeded in clearing up some questions I’ve had since my earliest days as a believer concerning certain passages of scripture speaking of angels; his gathering of relevant verses and survey of the Bible has proven to be both reassuring and revealing.

The scripture passages are both referenced and the relevant portions included in the text itself. A comprehensive scripture index lists a full eight pages of the scripture references Jeremiah has used in his work from Genesis through Revelation. Chapter and verse are given along with the book page number where you can find the author’s teaching concerning the verses. A traditional topical index is included as well.

This first-class, one-stop reference title doesn’t get bogged down in miniscule details, or in the complex yet scripturally unfounded speculations of some Saint's past. Rather it’s clear and simple teaching remains focused on God’s glory, and that of His Son, eschewing any adoration or fascination with angels for their own sake apart from their Creator. Angels has found a well-deserved, permanent resting place on my bookshelves.

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