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Book Review: Angel Lost by F.M. Meredith

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Angel Lost picks up as the seventh book in F.M. Meredith’s Rocky Bluff Police Department series. In spite of being part of a series, Angel Lost also stands well on its own. You do not need to have read previous books in the series to understand what it is going on. However, having sunk my teeth I into this one, I am definitely interested in going back and checking out earlier books in the series.

Angel Lost takes us into the lives of several characters who are a part of the Rocky Bluff Police Department. Two of them, Doug and Stacey, are preparing to get married. In a small town such as Rocky Bluff, one would expect things to be pretty uncomplicated. However, they have to deal with their own issues just like everyone else.

First of all, there is a new officer in town. He has left Los Angeles behind hoping to find a fresh start. He quickly discovers this is not so easy because he can’t escape inner demons still battling over unresolved feelings tied to a shooting in which he was involved. He quickly discovers that moving to a small town provides little opportunity for one to escape from the memories they are carrying. There isn’t much else to do here, except think.

Of course if you are Officer Stacy Wilbur, you have a lot of things to keep you busy. First she has her marriage to plan, then she has to use herself as a decoy to help trap a flasher, and then of course there is a serial killer who seems to be in town. Nope, life is not dull for this woman.

While the town is dealing with the new cop, burglaries, the flasher, and the serial killer, there is also something unusual going on that has attracted the attention of all the residents. An angel seems to have appeared in the plate glass window of a downtown business. Mystified, the townspeople come out to witness what appears to be a miraculous vision. Perplexed, we wonder why it has appeared. Rather than appearing to be a Rorschach ink blot, this reflection truly appears to be that of a real face. As the story unfolds, we get some insight into why it might have appeared.

I totally enjoyed reading Angel Lost.  I think current fans of F.M. Meredith will find themselves pleased to see that she has added a new entry to this series. As for me, I am pleased to discover another great mystery novelist.

Angel Lost
F.M. Meredith
Oak Tree Press (2011)ISBN 9781610090056

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