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Book Review: Anatomy of A Cheater: Book 1: The Early Years by Hurchel Williams, MBA

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In this first book of the Anatomy of a Cheater series by Hurchel Williams, the author takes us from his childhood through young adulthood to discuss his experiences with women. As early as age five, Mr. Williams knew that he had a strong attraction to females. As he goes into his teens, his sexual experiences frequently involve him being in multiple relationships or having relationships with older married women. These early experiences sent the tone for his future relationships, including issues with fidelity. As Mr. Williams tells his story, he offers ‘Keypoints’ to illustrate his thought processes. Some of these thoughts involve how men think about relationships in general and others explain the mentality that leads one to cheat.

As he enters adulthood and joins the military his travels take him to other states and another country which gives him the opportunity to spread his wings with new relationships. While he assumes a masculine role, he encounters a variety of women that teach him some lessons. What amazed me was how many women, whom he describes as beautiful, knowingly engaged in relationships with him, while they were aware that he was either unfaithful or uncommitted. They willingly lower their self-worth to settle for less than a fully committed relationship. I have personally known women who allow themselves to settle for less, and this book helped me gain a greater insight into why they engage in these relationships.

Reading Anatomy of a Cheater by Hurchel Williams not only gave me insight into why men cheat, but it also gave me a lot of ideas about how to try to keep this from happening in my current relationship. While there are no guarantees, I definitely have some ideas that I think will benefit us both. I highly recommend this book for all women, not just ones that have been cheated on. I also look forward to future books in this series as we will read more about Mr. Williams’ future relationships and share in the wisdom that he freely gives as we read his stories. Readers should be aware that Anatomy of a Cheater contains many descriptive erotic scenes and be prepared for this. This is not a dry text book!

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